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2019 Texas A&M Judo Awards winners

2019 Texas A&M Outstanding Judo members, Patricia Randal ’19 and Adrian Bernal ’21

2019 Texas A&M Newcomer of the Year

Aggies qualify for Pan Am and World Teams and need assistance

Aggie Judoka Max Pelech makes the 2019 World University Games team and Aggie Judo Coach Bob Perez selected as team leader and coach

Texas A&M Judo Scholarship applications are due by March 31, 2019

2019 NCJA Championships. Aggie Women’s Novice team place 4th. The Women’s Standard team 3rd

2019 NCJA Championships. Tough time for the Aggie Men. Injuries prevented anyone from advancing past the 3rd round

Aggies travel to West Point, NY. 2019 National Collegiate Judo Championships

Bernal ’21 attempts to qualify for the USA Pan Am and World team at the 2019 USA Judo Youth Nationals

2019 NCJA SW Regional Champions – 4th consecutive year

Mike Morgan’82 and Lori Morgan Judo Scholarship established in October 2018

Max Pelech and Adrian Bernal talk about Texas A&M Judo

70 former members and supporters attend the 2018 Texas A&M Judo reunion and tailgate at the Clemson home game

Bernal to compete in the 2018 IJF World Junior Championships

Texas A&M Judo Team 2018-19

Aggie Judo returns to campus on August 27

Busy Summer for Aggie Judoka

Aggie Judo member wins the Bronze at the the 2018 Junior Pan American Judo Championships. Cordova, Argentina

Adrian Bernal ’21 Junior Olympic Champion and Junior World Team Member

Bernal representing USA at the 2018 Junior Pan Am Championships and 2018 FISU America Games

Aggie Judo Coach Perez selected to lead USA Team at 2018 FISU America Games

2018 USA Judo Senior National Championships. Congratulations Patricia Randal +78kg 5th Place and Adrian Bernal 81 kg Bronze Medal

Good Luck to Aggie Judo at the 2018 USA Judo Senior National Championships in Round Rock, TX

2018 National Collegiate Judo Championships

  • Standard Men – 3rd
  • Standard Women – 3rd
  • Novice Women – 2nd
  • Novice Men – 6th

  • Junior Max Pelech 90kg qualifies for the 2019 World University Games
  • Freshman Adrian Bernal 81kg 1st alternate for the 2019 World University Games

    All-American and Individual results

  • All-American Patricia Randal 1st +78 kg
  • All-American Max Pelech 1st 90 kg
  • All-American Adrian Bernal 2nd 81 kg
  • Mike Berry 3rd +100 kg
  • Justine Carrasco 5th 57 kg

    Novice Individual results

  • Justine Carrasco 1st 57 kg
  • Diana Tudor 3rd 63 kg
  • Patricia Randal 1st +78 kg
  • Lorenzo Washington 2nd 90 kg
  • Patrick Palmer 5th 73 kg
  • Freshman Adrian Bernal 81kg qualifies for the 2018 USA Jr Pan Am team

    Aggie Judo recognizing former judo coaches, team members and supporters
    Fuji Sports Team photo small

    2017-2018 Texas A&M Judo Team
    Fuji Sports Team photo small
    2017 NCJA Championships – Men 4th
    2017 NCJA Championships – Women 2nd
    2017 NCJA Championships – Men 4th
    2017 NCJA Championships – Novice Women 2nd
    2017 NCJA Championships – Novice Men 3rd
    2017 NCJA All-Americans

  • Justine Carrasco – 52 kg
  • Regina Arias – 57 kg
  • Esmer Casas – 78 kg
  • Patricia Randal – 78+kg
  • Erik Kirkegaard – 73 kg

    Texas A&M Judo – 2017 NCJA Southwest Regional Champions
    Fuji Sports Team photo small

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    Thanks Fuji and Mizuno for your support
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    Congratulations to the 2016 winners
    2016 bbq and awrads

    2016 Texas A&M Judo “Dr. Gary Berliner / Dr. Wiley Cunagin” Outstanding Award
    Paulo Tadeu de Oliveira Junior ’16

    2016 Texas A&M Judo “Bobby Perez” Newcomer of the Year
    Justine Carrasco ’18

    2016 NCJA Championships

    2016 NCJA Southwest Champions

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    Email contact – aggiejudo@tamu.edu
    PHONE – 979-218-4582