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The Texas A&M Outstanding Judo Member Award, also known as the Dr. Gary Berliner/Dr. Wiley Cunagin Perpetual Memorial award,  recognizes one and sometimes two members for their hard work. The individual selected is not necessarily the best competitor or one that has a “winning record” but one that follows the concepts of Judo, such as “giving back” to the club.  They work hard to achieve their highest potential.  He or she is one who doesn’t complain when we push you at practice but one that is willing to accept the challenges.

Texas A&M “Bobby Perez” Newcomer of the Year award was established in 2012 .

Congratulations to the 2022 winners.

2023 Texas A&M Judo “Dr. Gary Berliner / Dr. Wiley Cunagin” Outstanding Award
Ren Uyehara ’25

2023 Texas A&M Judo “Bobby Perez” Newcomer of the Year
Joey Salazar ’26

Texas A&M Judo “Dr. Gary Berliner / Dr. Wiley Cunagin” Outstanding Award past winners:
2023 Ren Uyehara
2022 Tristan Nguyen

2021 Jacob McLean
2020 Rylie Knight
2019 Patricia Randal / Adrian Bernal
2018 Max Pelech
2017 Clint Cheng
2016 Paulo Tadeu de Oliveira Junior
2015 Mike Berry / Minh Nguyen
2014 Carlos Perez
2013 Ryan Wenzel
2012 Cory Klemashevich
2011 Arash Pourhabib
2010 John Ahn
2009 Matthew Soto
2008 Preston Kirkham
2007 Andrew Soto / Abdel Diawara
2006 Whitney Lanfranco
2005 Adela Garcia
2004 Stanley Wang
2003 Jaime Lazcano
2002 Dan Gomez
2001 Roy Carniato / Clay Thompson
2000 Eric Anderson
1999 Vu Tran
1998 Adrian Aguirre / Jayme Bidne
1997 Rex Warden / Jackie Bayard
1996 Steve Holmes
1995 Juaquin Ketchbaw
1994 Marius Nafstad
1993 Robert Danin / Joe Greenslade
1992 Markus Wawzyniak
1991 Justin Barger / Hiram Hodges
1990 Bob Perez

Texas A&M “Bobby Perez” Newcomer of the Year
2023 Joey Salazar

2022 Om Waghela
2021 Dario Maaskant / Isabella Garriga
2020 Michael Mutz
2019 Colten Ginnis
2018 Adrian Bernal
2017 Regina Arias
2016 Justine Carrasco
2015 Rachel Vaughan
2014 Mike Berry
2013 Carlos Perez
2012 Alexis Escobedo

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